Homegrown Beirut concept, February 30 makes its way to Dubai, setting its sights on the stunning location of Palm West beach at Palm Jumeirah. The brand has evolved with dynamism and unwavering exuberance at its core, with the new Dubai outpost boasting a multifaceted identity of beach bar, lounge, and restaurant. There will be three bars, including a striking circular bar that overlooks the glistening water that caresses Palm Jumeirah.

Rabih Fakhreddine, Founder and CEO of 7 Management said, “It is with immense pride, that we announce the launch of the 5th brand of 7 Management in the UAE market, another incredible homegrown Beirut brand. We are delighted to see the first February 30 outpost come to life, expanding exponentially, from a pub in Hamra street in Beirut, to a bustling beach bar and restaurant in Palm West Beach. The iconic location on Palm Jumeirah, mirrors the phenomenal growth of February 30 in a 10-year period.”

February 30 promises so much more in terms of experiential immersion, location, and food. The super talented and highly sought-after, gastronomic genius and trailblazer, Chef Reif Othman will be taking the reigns in creating a beautifully simple, yet deliciously impactful offering that aligns perfectly with the easy-going vibe of February 30.

The marvelous menu is internationally inspired, melding Mediterranean and Japanese influences. A delectable variety of sushi: nigiri, sashimi and uramaki rolls, seafood and raw dishes, tacos, and burgers, as well Italian favorites like pasta and risotto will feature on Chef Reif’s delectable menu.

February 30, the “date that never was” champions the essence of daring boldly and celebrates everything that is unique and eclectic. This impressive outdoor lounge is a haven where the senses will be excited in a timelessly chic and breathtakingly beautiful setting

What if we told you we see you, know you, and understand that different is perfect- normal doesn’t belong. What if we told you that you could rewrite your story and make this space yours? Here the new feels familiar, with February 30 the dazzling jewel in the crown of Palm Jumeirah.   Time has no place in this resplendent beachfront abode, evident in the sultry, striking, and wonderfully surprising interior landscape.

Stepping foot into February 30 gives you access to another reality, far from the mediocrity of regular life. Norms are suspended and the imagination is free to run wild. Natural, earthy elements are fused with bold colors, prints and patterns. Lush greenery entwines the space, whilst pulsating bursts of red and monochrome make February 30 stand out from the muted masses. Expect the weird and wonderful here, you may even see a shark peek out of the ceiling to say hello!

Rabih Geha, Founder of Rabih Geha Architects who designed the space adds, “ February 30 Dubai reflects both the eccentricity of the brand and the serenity of the location. Here, chaos and chimera reconcile with harmony and substance, and spark off a space where the unusual seems commonplace and the phantasmic seems real.”

The twists of unusual cocktails and rousing aesthetics will stir the imagination and elevate the experience to the upper echelons of fantastical fun. The pulse of an endless summer presents a daily show of breathtaking sunsets that fade away to starry nights of endless music, laughter, and good times! Here your life’s rhythm will undulate effortlessly to a soundtrack of Tropical House music- an upbeat and happy mix of afro beats and the latest hits.

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